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Is MPLC a legitimate organisation?

We understand that if you have not heard of MPLC before you will want to be sure we are a legitimate organisation.

We have been working with and representing the major copyright holders including major Hollywood studios and local producers for over 30 years. We have contracts with them, you can read testimonials from them here.

You can check the UK Government website here which explains when you need a licence and names MPLC with a link back to our website as one of two places where you can get licensed. 

You can also check our registration at the UK’s Companies House where we have been registered for nearly 30 years and you can read about the people who work for MPLC here.

MPLC Public Performance Licences are affordable, easy to buy and can be put in place immediately. They are the legal way to show movies and TV programmes in a public or commercial space.

Contact us now to ask questions, find out how much a licence will cost or to get licensed today.